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Your Elevated Lifestyle

All products sourced from Canada

A world where happiness is the majority, where empathy is fundamental, and deep belly laughs are on the daily. It is not only a world we envision, but it is a world we are creating.

Our mission isn’t just about the products themselves, it goes way beyond that. It’s about creating awesome experiences and inspiring personal growth. That’s what brings us, a bunch of passionate artists and entrepreneurs, together. We want to create a world where feeling anything less than our best is simply not an option.

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Gone are the days of relying on synthetic remedies to find happiness. We’re all about embracing what nature can provide. It’s about fully embracing our loved ones, having crystal-clear thinking, and letting our creative minds flourish. And guess what? These experiences don’t have to be fleeting. We truly believe that joy is something we’re all entitled to, and taking the all-natural path to achieve it is simply the icing on the cake.

Besides all the amazing progress mushrooms have made in terms of mental health advancements, clinical studies, and making waves in the news, we’re here to make wellness exciting, approachable, and available to everyone who may benefit from it.

This isn’t some lackluster supplement company that tries to convince you to drop your money on short-lived results either. We’re talking about a piece of nature that is actively saving lives and turning happiness into the new normal.

Your success stories are what fuel our passion, and we’re on a mission to make sure that the gift of vibrancy, that feeling of being truly alive, is something that people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life get to experience and share.

So, are you ready to dive headfirst into a world bursting with colors, laughter, and creative expression? If so, you have a family in us, and we cannot wait to support you throughout. 

Mother Earth provides the elements, we are simply the curators. Welcome to Microgenix.