Brain Food Bundle

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Get smartened up with the whole nootropic family, an enhancive bundle full of wellness wonders. Boost cognitive function, immunity, and mood on the daily, with functional shrooms proven to support brain health. The perfect set of mindful supplements, designed to put health in charge. ✨

Included in bundle: Sample (10) Jar (50)

Support Capsules
Lion’s Mane
Turkey Tail

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Nootropics are best known for their ability to naturally improve brain function, impressing aspects of the mind such as memory, motivation, creativity, and focus. The power of these plants are a safe and tolerable supplement method to help emphasize mental skill, as well as overall human health. Studies show that nootropics actively increase energy and oxygen flow to the brain, assisting in the mitigation of brain fog and making the brain healthier.  The mood-boosting properties of nootropics are accompanied by many immune supporting effects, making the integration of natural nootropics the perfect addition to any wellness regime.


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