Clarity Capsules (125mg)


Mushroom strain: Blue Meanies

125 mg Dried Psilocybe / Capsule

Increase Creativity
Uplift Mood + Mental Clarity
Full Body Awareness

Vegan | Gluten-Free  | Organic | Canadian

Light, expansive and joyful — meet Clarity. A carefully curated blend of 5 organic nootropics designed to enhance focus, creativity, productivity, or simply fuel the positive vibes throughout the day. A subtle, yet noticeable experience makes Clarity perfect for those who are new to microdosing and looking for an all natural mental health remedy. Begin to notice the beauty within and around you.

Add Support Capsules on your non dose days for a wholistic microdose regimen.

Earn up to 830 Mushie Points.

  • 125mg Dried Psilocybe (Copelandia Cyanescens)
  • 300mg Lion’s Mane
  • 50mg Reishi
  • 50mg Chaga
  • 50mg Ginger Root

Take 1 capsule every other or every third day with food. Take your capsule in the morning for lasting effects throughout the day. For first time use, we recommend reserving the day to follow your usual routine to evaluate your experience. Add Support Capsules on your non dose days for your wholistic microdose regimen.

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July 13, 2024

I find i’ve been more appreciative and connected since starting these. I would recommend them to a friend and think they are good for people looking for a subtle but impactful change in their daily lives.

Fel (verified owner)
July 13, 2024

Working as described. Amazing product and I take along with support. My overall mood and energy has been so much better in the last 5 weeks. I have never thought to be depressed, but since starting this program I gave noticed my mood is always better, I think clearer, and even under stress I feel calmer and more collective. Thank you.

CL (verified owner)
June 1, 2024

Had never taken this dose before. Uplifting, creativity and motivating.

Jen (verified owner)
April 19, 2024

Over the last few years I’ve continued to develop more and more severe anxiety which has really impacted my motivation and mental health in general. Clarity capsules have been a huge help and are now a staple part of my health routine.

Sean (verified owner)
April 3, 2024

I’ve been taking clarity capsules over the past 2 years and they have changed everything for me. I feel more creative & less stuck in my head. I was worried about feeling dependant on them, yet that’s not the case at all since I find the effects on my mood last for a few days after. Love these so much I’ve shared with all my friends who have been curious and they’ve started ordering now too.

Jessie (verified owner)

“Microdosing every other day with Clarity Capsules has been game-changer for me. At work I am motivated, at home I am patient. I knew I needed something to help me manage my stress and feel creative again, but I had no idea how much my lifestyle would change for the better. ”

“When taking clarity capsules I feel calm, clear, laser focused and grounded in my body. It’s like a coffee buzz without the anxiety or jittery side effects. Everything just feels a little more expanded. The feeling is subtle and not overwhelming, just soothing and grounding. As a sensitive person who can experience anxiety, these capsules put me right into my body and help keep my nervous system regulated.”

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