Cordyceps Capsules


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Mushroom strain: Cordyceps

Increase Focus
Boost Immunity

Vegan | gluten-free | organic | Canadian

Cordyceps work to lower brain fog and other forms of fatigue by increasing oxygen uptake in the brain, while also carrying stimulant effects that help to increase mental alertness. Cordyceps have an energy-boosting effect on the brain and body, making it a perfect supplement for before a workout, or a busy day ahead.

Earn up to 90 Mushie Points.


500mg Cordyceps


Take 1-2 capsules daily, in the morning for optimal results. For those with sensitivities, take with food.


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Cordyceps is a rare genus of ascomycete fungi, reputable for its positive effects on the human body. Benefits of this supplement include increased focus and lowered fatigue, and it is said that users can begin to notice the effects of Cordyceps in as little as 1-2 weeks. Cordyceps are also very nutrient-dense, containing vitamins and other amino acids that make a great impact on overall health.