Cosmic Comfort Bundle

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Play amongst the stars and dance with the planets in your own divine space, it’s not rocket science! With our Cosmic Comfort bundle we honour all our psilo-nauts who thrive in the highest vibrations, and wish to treat themselves with a hallucinatory holiday. A bundle of chocolate, gummies, and capsules makes it so you no longer have to decide where your kaleidoscope dream daze will commence, you can try it all! Who said you had to leave home to go on a trip?

Included in the bundle: 1 Jar (30) Macro Capsules, 1 Indulge Chocolate bar, 1 jar (30) Clarity Capsules, 1 jar (8) Sour gummies and 1 jar (30) Wavy Capsules.


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Earn up to 385 Mushie Points.


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