Enlight Capsules (225mg)


Mushroom strain: Golden Teachers

225 mg Dried Psilocybe / Capsule

Cognitive Advancement
Intellectual Connectiveness
Perceptual Enhancement

Vegan | Gluten-Free  | Organic | Canadian

At 225mg of dried psilocybe per capsule, Enlight capsules are a moderate dose, assisting in areas such as mood improvement, focus enhancement, and mindfulness. Starting low and beginning with one capsule is the best way to avoid any unexpected sensations or outcomes. For your first Enlight experience, we recommend trying these capsules on a day off, in which you are able to best assess your tolerance and reaction to the dose with ease.

$22.00 – $88.00

Earn up to 265 Mushie Points.

  • 225mg Dried Psilocybe
  • 275mg Nootropic Blend
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Reishi
  • Mucuna

Take 1 capsule every other or every third day with food. Take your capsule in the morning for lasting effects throughout the day. For first time use, we recommend reserving the day to follow your usual routine to evaluate your experience.


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Experience the flow state, immerse into your work with unwavering attention to detail, and allow your tasks to enlighten you. Enlight capsules give individuals the motivation they need to think not only clearly, but divergently, so that you can sign the day off with the rewarding essence of “Wow, I just did that.”

The name “Golden Teacher” is attributed to the belief that the mushroom can inspire a heightened sense of wisdom, deepened insight, and universal understanding when consumed. Being such an introspective and mindful strain, one may access deep parts of the mind that allow brain blocks to lift, and creativity to excel.