Macro Capsules (450mg)


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Strains: Blue Meanies | Penis Envy

450mg Dried Psilocybe / Capsule

Euphoric + Connected
Psychedelic Experience

Vegan | Gluten-free | Organic | Made in USA

You’ve dabbled in the subtle, tapped into the comfort of mild magic, and want to take the next venture into the profound — meet Macro! We currently offer 4 carefully curated strains:

Blue Meanies are perfect in creating euphoria, excitement and overall mood elevation.
Penis Envy is something worth envying with full body sensations, deep connection and uplifted joy and euphoria.

We suggest choosing a setting and surrounding that is light and familiar, to ensure you’re fully able to soak in and enjoy your psilocybin trip! Everyone is unique, so we recommend 1 capsule to feel it out, and 5+ capsules for the full experience. Open the mind, be patient, and enjoy the magic.

Earn up to 607.5 Mushie Points.


450mg Dried Psilocybe
50mg Ginger Root


How to use: Macro doses are intended for those who are seeking a deeper + more intense psilocybin journey. Start small and working your way up to ensure a positive experience. 5 Capsules recommended for full Psychoactive effects.

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June 1, 2024

Great mixture of ingredients. An unexpected nice feeling.

March 30, 2024

Love love love, have experienced mushrooms prior but enjoyed playing with the doses on this! Some days would take 1 or 2 just to feel lighter and other times would take 3-4+ for more of an out of body experience

December 10, 2023

I ordered the Penis Envy capsules and I could only describe the feeling as feeling vert warm and tingly. I started off with one capsule, didn’t feel much, took another one and I began to feel the effects: a slight feeling of inhibition, very much aware of my body and physical sensations. I took a third one and there wasn’t much of a difference in sensations. Each capsule was taken approximately 1-2 hours apart, so i’m looking forward to trying it again taking multiple at a time. Note it was my first time experimenting with macro doses, I was a bit apprehensious but it was a very positive and pleasurable experience.

October 26, 2023

These are incredible I won’t go without and have also showed them to friends they are perfect for sleep or just a super cozy happy relaxing day!!

Ashley W.
September 26, 2023

I have never used mushrooms in my life but I had to try something to stop my SEVERE PTSD! Clarity did nothing but give me a headache. One Penis Envy was nice but I didn’t get to the root with it. Two Penis Envy gave me 3 hours of good therapy in which I dealt with many things and a quick release and back to normal, allowed me get some work done that day. 3 caps Penis Envy lasted most of the day, was too intense for a 70 year old, and left me with a hangover feeling for two days. So, for my PTSD removal, Thank you! In two sessions, years of pain and suffering has ended!


Blue Meanies: Long-lasting physical high. Magical for experienced users due to its intense and quick effects. Mood-elevation, euphoria, and excitement. Depending on dosage, can experience mild to intense visuals.
Penis Envy: True to its name, the Penis Envy strain is worth envying. Experience joy and euphoria while connecting deeply with yourself, others and the world around you.