Restore Capsules (100mg)


Mushroom Strain: Mazatapec

100mg Dried Psilocybe / Capsule

Immune Boosting

Vegan | gluten-free | organic | Canadian

Tap into a state of alleviation, where a divine calm awaits you. Rejuvenate the mind and allow the body to take a big, deep breath as the nervous system relaxes, and feel the decompressive healing magic of Restore. The intentionally unique blend of Mazatapec mushrooms, CBD, and 5-HTP, in combination with our adaptogenic blend of nootropics, is perfect for anyone looking to connect and calm both mind and body.

$21.00 – $91.00

Earn up to 295 Mushie Points.


100mg Dried Psilocybe
100mg 5-HTP
15mg CBD

285mg ADAPTOGENIC Blend:
Reishi, Cordyceps,Turkey Tail,
Guduchi, Ashwagandha, Maca Root


Take 1-2 capsules as needed with food. For first time use, we recommend reserving the day to evaluate your experience.

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June 1, 2024

Great mixture of ingredients. An unexpected nice feeling.

Jen (verified owner)
October 26, 2023

These are incredible I won’t go without and have also showed them to friends they are perfect for sleep or just a super cozy happy relaxing day!!

Ashley W.
November 4, 2022

absolutely amazing experience combined with a self care night after a crazy/rough week. felt floaty, creative, and connected! incredibly grounding and didn’t interfere with my morning medication <3 will absolutely be recommending to all who want to feel grounded, rested, and well again

aims (verified owner)
September 7, 2022

These are great for evening relaxation and sleep! Love them…..

Mitchel W. (verified owner)
August 15, 2022

Kendra (verified owner)

The subtle psychoactive effects of the Mazatapec mushroom plays an effective role in this curation, as this strain is said to be utmost prominent in its heightened spiritual effects. The purpose of this blend is to settle down, to let the mind choose its own pace and boost the body’s resilience after putting it to work. The addition of CBD in this blend upholds a restorative experience in itself, harmonizing the restorative blend to create a soothing calm between the body and mind so you can feel all the good stuff, and leave the bad.