Support Capsules (Nootropic Blend)

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Nootropic Blend: Does not contain Psilocybin

  • Increase Cognitive Function
  • Boost Immunity
  • Enhance Focus
  • Emotional Support

Vegan | gluten-free | organic | Canadian

Meet Support, our first non-psychoactive blend! Add to your microdosing schedule on non-dose days, or simply enhance your regular routine, with the energizing health-boost of Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, and Guduchi. Our nutraceutical blend contains naturally occurring stimulating effects, that help to regulate stress and create balance throughout your day.

Earn up to 48 Mushie Points.


100mg Lion’s Mane
100mg Reishi
100mg Turkey Tail
100mg Cordyceps
100mg Guduchi


Take one capsule per day. Perfect for non-dose days, if currently on microdosing schedule.

Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Turkey tail, Cordyceps, and Guduchi all share the same fundamentals of brain health, but carry individual traits that cater to a diverse range of positive effects. 


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