Turkey Tail Capsules


Mushroom strain: Turkey Tail

Boost Immunity
Gut Support
Increase Energy

Vegan | gluten-free | organic | Canadian

Rich in antioxidants, the Turkey Tail mushroom helps to reduce inflammation and promote a healthy immune system. Turkey Tail has a positive effect on digestion and mental health, containing prebiotics that help improve gut strength when consumed regularly

Earn up to 205 Mushie Points.


500mg Turkey Tail


Take 1-2 capsules daily for optimal results, morning or evening. For those with sensitivities, take with food.


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Ranging from a variety of colors, the visually appealing Turkey Tail mushroom matches its appearance with a variety of notable health benefits. An antioxidant-rich mushroom such as this is said to potentially replenish healthy gut flora, while boosting the immune system. Healthy levels of gut bacteria in itself can create a trail of health benefits such as better mood, increased energy, and improved mental clarity.