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Conscious Consumption: Mastering the Art of Moderation

We tend to talk a lot about swapping out booze for natural substances and how it is something you can and should do; however, we might forget to acknowledge the fact that, well… we enjoy a glass of wine at dinner too.


It doesn’t take a genius to remind us that alcohol isn’t good for our health, but what is life without being able to enjoy something a little cheeky in moderation? No one is perfect, and frankly, we’d be crazy not to pop a bottle of champagne on our best friend’s birthday. So, what’s the right thing to do?


Without a shred of doubt, more and more millennials and Gen Z folk are adapting to more sober lifestyles, which we can assume primarily goes hand in hand with mental health – something many of these new generations place an emphasis on improving. With mental health emphasized, we know that alcohol, while euphoric in the moment, can leave us full of anxiety and blahness in the days following, bringing us to the real swap worth considering: conscious consumption!


Conscious consumption extends far beyond drinking alcohol but instead is a mindset change that can benefit you in a number of areas. Things like ethical consumerism, environmental awareness, and mindful screen time all fall under the same umbrella – however today we’ll be focusing on the task at hand: booze.


Google will tell you right now that drinking, even in moderation, isn’t good for you. Now that we know that, let’s discuss what moderate consumption is and how you can use a substance like psilocybin to your advantage to better master the art of moderation in your everyday life.


Tips for Moderate Drinking:


Set your Limits: Easier said than done, I know. But by setting yourself a drink limit and staying within it, not only will you be lowering the risk of a hellish hangover, but you’ll also be really proud of yourself too. Self-fulfillment is one hell of a drug.


Alternate: A friend of mine who I’m pretty sure has never suffered from hangxiety in her life is always double-fisting. Not exactly the kind you’re thinking of though. Keeping water or one of those healthy wellness sodas in your right hand when there is booze in the left will help keep you hydrated and slow you down in the meantime. It’s a fool-proof moderation method.


Quality over Quantity: If the main goal is to get hammered, why bother spending money on the good stuff, right? Avoid this downhill slope of thought process by treating yourself to the fancier stuff next time you’re gearing up for a cheer; you’ll be more likely to savor mindfully.


Seek Support: Have you looked into this topic before, and no matter how many tips you’ve incorporated, you’re still left with the Sunday hangover scaries thinking “wow, I did it again”? You are NOT alone. If consuming things in moderation is something you struggle with, seeking support from friends, family, or a therapist can add that extra nudge of accountability needed to make the change. Remember that seeking help is the most courageous thing you can do and 100% worth it.


Making the Mushroom Swap: 


Let it be known that you don’t HAVE to choose one or the other. After all, who’s to say you can’t enjoy a week of microdosing and yoga and nature all week, and not enjoy a pint with your friends on Saturday? That’s on Moderation!

However, there are surely a plethora of reasons as to why so many people are making the swap for mushrooms more often, all of which we can totally get behind.


No hangover: Even for some moderation-masters, just one highball is enough to make some people feel icky the next day. (I am one of these people). In this context, swapping for a moderate dose of mushrooms, which make you feel incredible the next day, can be attractive enough of a concept to make the switch entirely.


Cravings be gone: I was at a festival recently, which was primarily elevated by a jar of mushroom gummies. I can’t express enough how quickly the desire to drink had diminished, which is saying a lot for a Pinot Grigio lover like myself. Some anecdotal reports show that by modulating brain circuits associated with craving and reward, psilocybin could potentially reduce the desire to drink alcohol excessively, making moderation a much easier beast to battle.


It’s still social: It’s fair to assume that the leading cause of binge-drinking is the fact that it dissipates our social anxieties enough to enjoy ourselves – but mushrooms can do that too, just a little differently. In contrast to the way alcohol lowers our inhibitions to a state of carelessness, mushrooms lower our inhibitions and increase our desire to connect. They boost our empathy levels and make us feel like being extra nice. Odds are, you’ll be the most-loved one in the room.


Cali sober trend: Cali sober is back with a vengeance, reminding people that wellness and mindful swaps are totally hot right now. Proponents of the “cali sober” lifestyle, which you can read more about here, emphasize mindfulness in substance use, opting for natural substances such as psilocybin for specific purposes, opposed to binge-drinking for fun.


You can Have Both:


No two substances need to go head to head to prove who’s best. People choose different avenues for different reasons, and both can be enjoyable ways to enhance different experiences.


Introducing the values of conscious consumption in your life can be an absolute game-changer in how you go about everyday life. It can help you spend less money, make smarter decisions, reduce your carbon footprint, among other things that can benefit you and life in general.


To master conscious consumption, becoming more mindful and open to change is key. Struggling to get there? Microdosing might just be able to help you with that too.


Advocates suggest that microdosing can enhance creativity, focus, and mood, while also promoting a greater sense of mindfulness and openness to new perspectives. By incorporating microdosing into your routine, you may find it easier to embrace the mindset needed for conscious consumption. It can help you become more attuned to your habits, motivations, and the impact of your choices, ultimately aiding in your journey toward more mindful and sustainable living.


So, what’s on the menu tonight?

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