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Microdosing involves taking a small dose of psilocybin, an amount too little to trigger hallucinations, but enough to facilitate noticeable changes throughout your day. This may include general calmness, increased focus, productivity and creativity, lightened mood, decreased alcohol intake and an overall energy increase.

Yes, they can! SSRI and SNRI medication can directly negate the effects of the psilocybin. This can happen even if you’ve recently stopped taking your medication. Focus medications like Adderall or Concerta, have been reported to cause anxiousness when taken along side a microdose. With all this said, every individual is different and we have customers who successfully take other medications in conjunction with their microdose. We recommend trying a sample pack first, to ensure effects are desirable! Please reach out to Willow at with any further questions!

Yes, our packages are shipped discreetly and look like any other parcel!

We Xpresspost with Canada Post. The average cost of shipping is between $17-25 for any given package. We offer free shipping on orders over $150. Some people go in on an order with friends to purchase more & take advantage of our free shipping option!

Your dosing schedule is entirely up to you! We suggest taking your dose every 2-3 days to prevent your body from building a tolerance. This 1-2 day break is a good time to journal, keep track of changing emotions, and other processes that may affect your daily life dosing or not.

Payments typically take up to 24 hours to process. Shipping typically takes 2-6 business days! Once your order is shipped, you should receive an update email with your Canada Post tracking number. If for some reason you do not, please reach out to Willow at

We ship to the US! Please visit the link “In the USA?” at the top of our homepage. We are hoping to ship to other countries soon!

Yes! They are made from natural starches which dissolve in water. Our peanuts typically degrade within a few hours to a day!

Clarity (125 mg) is the perfect dose for most, however if you know yourself to be sensitive, we suggest starting with Clarity Lite and doubling your dose if needed!

Although psilocybin is not physically addictive, people using it to escape reality may become addicted to the psychological associations reached within its frequent use. All of our products are meant to be taken in a safe and manageable manner, with the intention to connect and create a meaningful practice.

Mushie Points are collected every time an order is placed via your account and can be used towards future purchases! 100 Mushie Points = $1.00. Every $1.00 spent = 1 Mushie Point collected. 

Reviews can be left at the bottom of any product page! We’d love to hear your feedback!

All of our products should be stored at room temperature or in a fridge. Avoid direct sunlight. This can melt our chocolate edibles and adding too much heat to dried psilocybe capsules can decrease potency, over time.

No, none of our products contain niacin.

Our natural production methods can occasionally result in color discrepancies between batches.

The best way to get involved is to DM us on instagram @micro.genix or email Willow at We are always open for collaboration with epic humans and would love to hear your ideas! If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador, please register HERE.

We have many customers who take their dose and continue their day as per usual! We recommend you take your first microdose on a day off to fully understand how your dose affects you. If you feel intoxicated in any way, we don’t suggest you drive!

There’s no telling if you can inherently get higher if it is your first time dosing. Although, the effects will likely come off as stronger because it is a new feeling. Like anything unfamiliar, the first dose will likely feel the strongest as your body slowly eases into the sensations of psychedelics. Starting small is a good place to begin, as you can gain a better understanding of your natural reactions when it comes to mushrooms.

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Intention is key when microdosing. Part of the value in psychedelic practice is the aspect of letting go. If you begin your dosing journey with resistance, it may result in feelings of discomfort. On the flip side, if you have the intention of allowing the plant to loosen the constraints of old habits, it may be the perfect match.

Consuming smaller doses of psychedelics on a regular basis can heighten the glow of day-to-day life, and create feelings of:

  • Awakened creativity
  • Enlightenment in mind, body and spirit
  • Focus and overall clarity
  • Inspiration and drive
  • Internal and external grounding
  • Heightened connection with others, art and nature
  • Intentional healing and self-improvement

The intention for microdosing (75-300mg of dried psilocybe in one dose) is for a subtle, yet noticeable experience that gradually comes on and rolls off throughout the day. There could be a few reasons why you don’t “feel” anything.

  • Incorrect expectations: Sometimes people can expect a big shift or feeling from their first dose. The feeling of drinking a strong coffee, smoking cannabis or taking a shot of alcohol is not comparable. It should not be intoxicating and not be a sudden “wow I feel that a lot” experience. Be patient and mindful of your day. Try a few times before moving on.
  • Clash with current medication / substance use: If you use antidepressant or focus medication, there is a good chance this can negate the effects of your microdose. Some medications can directly inhibit the effects. Others can result in an unpleasant / anxious feeling.
  • The dose is not high enough: We create our doses to be the perfect amount for most people. With this said, it is not always the case! All of our products are safe to consume more than 1. We recommend to always try on a day with little responsibilities, to ensure a desirable experience!

The way a dose feels for one person, can feel completely different for the next. Everything comes back to your breath and ability to find your inner calm. If you are experiencing effects that are making you uncomfortable, take a moment to get comfortable, and understand that it is all temporary. Naturally, when the body is undergoing elements of sensation that it is not familiar with, a common instinct is resistance. It is important to trust your inner judgement, while also keeping in mind that at times, discomfort is a part of the process. Drink some water or tea, put on your favourite song, focus on your breath, and let it flow.

  • Intention is a great place to start. There may not be one concrete reason for your interest in mushrooms, however for best results, it is recommended to make note of what it is you are trying to achieve within yourself.
  • Microdosing is not intended to be something you do forever. It is meant to help you get to where you want to be. Our products can help you feel a little more inspired, ambitious, lighter, or even more patient and present. You should pick small achievable goals you can follow through with while you microdose, to help further lean into healing.
  • We suggest your first dose be taken on a day off, making sure you’re properly hydrated throughout the day. This alleviates any pressure of a to do list and allows you to absorb into the experience.

With our production methods and if stored properly, our products will not lose potency or effectiveness over time!

Psilocybin acts as a central nervous system stimulant, therefore the rise in stimulation could make it more difficult to sleep. Taking a microdose in the morning allows more time for effects to be felt throughout common acts of the day, in turn, giving you a clearer idea of what microdosing may enhance for you. Although, some have experienced a decrease in anxiety that has made an easier time relaxing, and resulted in a better night’s sleep. If you decide to try microdosing in the evening, we recommend trying on a night where you are able to sleep in on the following morning, in case you experience adverse effects.

The dosage amounts in our capsules will share the same effects as consuming raw mushrooms, without the undesirable taste or stomach pain!

When taken in larger, uncontrolled doses, the high intensity of its chemical reaction can cause the effects of psilocybin to lead to an upset stomach. To mitigate this effect, the majority of our products contain Ginger Root to offset the chances of stomach issues. Many say part of the nausea is intensified by the act of chewing and swallowing raw mushrooms, as for many it is not a kind taste.

Microdosing at 60 should be no different than microdosing at 25, and perhaps it could be seen as even more beneficial. As we age, our level of openness declines. We begin to feel an overbearing amount of comfort in stability, and can lose the creative spark we had in our youth. Incorporating a practice that involves this type of stimulation could rejuvenate the ability of openness, and potentially keep the mind feeling young.

Each mushroom strain is grown in different environments that carry different patterns in spore production. Because of this, they vary not only in size, shape and colour, but also vary in strength, duration, and effects. Different ratios in compounds in turn will produce different effects. If you wish to know more about all of our strains and their different properties, we have detailed descriptions on each strain in our education section.

Yes, we offer sample packs of most of our products! Simply select the sample size option from the dropdown menu on the product page, before adding to cart.

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