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Baby Boomer Generation Embracing Psychedelics for the Second Time

The act of consuming magic mushrooms is accompanied by a range of attractive health benefits. From pain relief to stress management, psychedelic substances are changing the game when it comes to aging gracefully.


And it’s not just a passing trend; it’s a growing movement that’s drawing in the baby boomer generation once again – a trip down memory lane, if you will.  


Shaped by the 60’s:


“Back in my day we just ate the things out of a plastic bag!” earlier generations might say.


But let’s be real, the 1960s were an era consumed by psychedelics and tripped-out power parties. It was the age of the hippie movement, a time that not only colored history but also painted a lasting impression on the realm of psychedelics.


As a result of the colorful yet challenging history of psilocybin in Western civilization, many baby boomers are left with reservations regarding psychedelic substances. These reservations can be attributed to a few factors, including the fading influence of the hippie movement, excessive psychedelic use, and other evolving life circumstances.


Understandably, many individuals from the baby boomer generation transitioned into more conventional life paths as time progressed, started families, and pursued mainstream careers. Unbeknownst to them, the psychedelic revolution quietly continued its progression humbly in the background.


This ’60s counterculture era not only marked the beginning of a complex relationship between society and psychedelics but also solidified a stigma that kept many baby boomers disinterested in mushroom trips for years to come — that is until now.


New Interest:


With studies suggesting that psilocybin-assisted therapy can actually benefit older ages suffering from specific medical conditions, it has sparked interest in all age groups to give mushrooms a try in both professional settings, and even the comfort of their own homes. 


The psychedelic landscape today is vastly different from the days of chewing raw mushrooms for a singular purpose. Now, we stand at the gates of a new era, where microdosing and innovative products are redefining the psychedelic experience. 


This new and inviting mushroom technology is how me and my peers have reintroduced psychedelics to our parents and grandparents, only this time, they’d experience the substance in a more intentional, and purposeful manner. 


Societal Progressions:


When it comes to the resurgence of psychedelic use in the baby boomer generation, it relies on a set of fundamentals that are really allowing this new wave of interest to take place: trustworthy sources, accessibility, and intention, all of which have seen remarkable growth throughout the progression of today’s wellness movement. 


But understanding that the psychedelic activist community is not just a group of new-age wellness hippies, also helps. It consists of educators, scientists, CEOs, among other passionate figures who are taking the main stage to emphasize the beneficial aspects of psychedelic use in all ages. (18+, of course.)


New Age Aging:


Studies are showing impressive outcomes in addressing end-of-life distress, PTSD, chronic pain, and have even initiated discussions about the potential use of psilocybin in Alzheimer’s disease treatment


If there’s one certainty in life, it’s that aging is inevitable. A common perspective among spirited seniors is that aging is more about mindset than a mere construct. With the right mindset, the youthful spirit can be maintained as we age, and mushrooms might be a powerful tool in doing just that.


Seeing as mushrooms love wisdom, age and psychedelics may harmonize better than we once thought. By beginning a psychedelic experience with insight and responsibility, the odds of reaping the most benefits from the medicine will be much higher — something that individuals of older ages are more likely to possess.


With that said, the intimidation of a full-fledged mushroom trip doesn’t necessarily have to be a part of the equation anymore either, seeing as microdosing has presented a boatload of benefits of its own.


As my 55-year-old coworker once mentioned, microdosing mushrooms for her has simply amplified her day-to-day life with a sense of vitality that allows her to feel energized and inspired, in ways no other supplements or health regime could.


Despite the enduring youthful spirit, older individuals are generally more susceptible to specific health conditions, including chronic pain, sleep issues, and chronic stress. What’s exciting is that clinical studies are hinting that, under the supervision of a healthcare professional, psilocybin-assisted therapy may not only provide improvement but also remission from these conditions in older age. These studies may pave the way for a new ray of hope, particularly for a generation that receives more pharmaceutical medications than any other age group.


So while aging brings on its own unique set of challenges, the emergence of magic mushrooms may provide new means of revitalization, bringing forth worth-while benefits such as stress regulation, enhanced creativity, pain relief, and more.

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