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Camping on Psychedelics: The Perfect Trip 🍄

As we find ourselves immersed in the fast-paced, technology-laden hustle and bustle of today’s reality, it’s safe to say that our bonds with nature, as well as our quality of mental health, have become particularly susceptible to neglect. However, amid this modern chaos, a powerful remedy awaits – a way to reconnect with both nature and redefine our own well-being. 


As camping season dawns upon us, we are offered an opportunity to let our biophilic selves run rampant, allowing us to embrace the power of nature in a landscape that emphasizes the great outdoors like no other. For those who share our passion for mushrooms and are committed to the art of microdosing, this camping season might just hold an additional ace up our sleeves—a way to elevate our innate connection with the earth to the next level.


Biophilia (the love of life) beautifully exhibits our natural desire to connect with other forms of life outside of ourselves, and is hardly limited to just animals or plant life. The very elements that surround us—water, wind, sound, and scent—all play a vital role in this innate bond with nature. 


This accumulation of presence and gratitude towards nature can benefit an individual in a variety of ways, in both physical and mental contexts. Excitingly, it is now believed that psychedelic substances can actually enhance one’s sense of biophilia, adding another fascinating variable to the expansive list of health effects associated with psychedelics. 


Studies suggest that the use of psychedelics can be associated with lower speciesist attitudes and an amplified sense of unity with wildlife. It is speculated that the dissolution of ego amplifies the humans’ desire to help animals, emphasizing the impact of psychedelic substances within animal-human relations. Similarly, a separate study discovered that upon using psychedelics, individuals elicited passionate and protective bonds toward nature, including those who considered themselves non-nature-oriented prior to the psychedelic experience. 


With growing interest in biophilia (love of life) and ecopsychology within the realm of plant medicine research, there is a compelling possibility that combining a naturesque venture, such as camping, with the use of psychedelics, could hold tremendous promise for those in need of a mental reset.  


With that said, embarking on any trippy adventure should require careful consideration of set, setting, and preparation to ensure the best possible experience. As you set your sights on a shroomy camping trip, we’ve put together a quick guide regarding some essential tips and tricks, to ensure a therapeutic and detoxifying journey amidst nature’s full embrace. 



  • Material Preparation:


Aside from your usual camping necessities, such as tents, sleeping bags, first aid kit etc. there are a few belongings you may want to consider if psychedelics are going to be a main event at your campsite. This includes:


  • Warm, comfortable clothes
  • Lots of water on hand
  • Items for creative expression, such as paints, journals, colouring books, musical instruments, etc. 
  • Additional herbal supplements and/or adaptogens for grounding
  • A yoga mat for meditation and comfortable stargazing 
  • Something to play your favourite music on
  • A cozy blanket for added comfort


Feel free to expand this list as much as your imagination allows! However, keep in mind that when it comes to safe camping, essential items like first aid supplies, a reliable compass, a signalling whistle, ample food and water supply, and other crucial provisions should always take precedence first.



  • Mindful Camping


Regarding biophilia, our innate love for nature should seamlessly integrate with our respect for it. Prioritizing this respect entails carrying essentials like trash bags for responsible waste disposal, opting for reusable utensils and water bottles, and acquainting oneself with eco-friendly practices such as proper composting if applicable. 


These conscientious choices can significantly enhance your connection with the natural world as you immerse yourself in its offerings, enhancing your experience in return. 


Picture the outdoors as your personal hotel or Airbnb for the weekend, a temporary home away from home. Just as you’d treat any accommodation with courtesy and care, do the same for the natural world that graciously welcomes you. Embrace the role of a considerate guest, leaving no trace of your presence and cherishing the environment that seeks to nurture and heal your spirit.



  • Conscious Company


Selecting the right companions for your psychedelic journey can profoundly impact the tone of your experience, enhancing its overall enjoyment when approached thoughtfully.


Inviting friends whom you trust deeply and feel entirely at ease around is essential, as their presence can influence your headspace and emotions within the experience. Sharing this transformative experience with close friends can alleviate feelings of anxiety and provide a comforting presence throughout the journey. Additionally, having friends to share laughter and moments of joy with adds an extra layer of fun to the adventure.


If you’re considering a psychedelic experience at a public campground, it’s important to consider fellow campers and ensure discretion in your activities. This not only ensures the utmost comfort for everyone involved but also helps avoid potentially awkward encounters with park rangers. By maintaining a respectful and considerate approach, you can make the most of your experience while preserving the tranquility of the campground environment.


Having a sober friend nearby to guide you can also be helpful, as they can offer grounding support if needed during your psychedelic experience. A sober presence can provide reassurance, adding additional comfort and safety you can lean on if any overwhelming feelings should arise. 



  • Wildlife Considerations


Among the things to bear in mind when camping, being mindful of wildlife is paramount in terms of maintaining our respect toward nature, as well as minding our general safety. 


If you’re choosing the edible path for your mushroom journey, like indulging in chocolates, gummies, or teas, it’s essential to secure them in airtight containers and keep them safely out of reach from potential outdoor creatures. This is not only to prevent attracting animals through the scent of our shroomy materials, but also to prioritize the well-being of the wildlife in their natural habitat. As visitors in their realm, it’s our responsibility to be considerate and ensure the health and safety of the environment we’re fortunate to explore.


While the temptation to dance to our favorite music during our experience is strong, it’s important to strike a balance by playing it at a moderate volume. This precaution ensures that wildlife and fellow campers are not disturbed. Loud music has the potential to disrupt natural animal behaviors, making it essential to remain attuned to the volume of our music to prevent any unwelcome disruptions.


Lastly, while the connection we experience with animals under the influence of psychedelics can be profound, it’s vital to maintain a respectful distance and observe them without causing any disturbance. While these creatures are undeniably captivating, our ultimate objective should be to honor and preserve their natural habitat through our awareness and courtesy.



  • Optimal Dosing


Whether you’re looking for a mystifying hero dose or simply wanting to elevate your naturesque vibrations with a microdose, choosing the right dose amount for your comfort levels will ultimately improve your overall experience. 


Starting with a small dose and taking it slow is a smart way to understand how you’ll react, and to avoid getting too high too quickly. This advice is especially helpful for those new to psychedelics, but it’s also a wise dosing approach for all mushroom enthusiasts. This method allows you to better gauge your experience and enjoy a more controlled and rewarding journey. So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned explorer, taking it slow can lead to a more seamless experience, minimizing the risk of unexpected takeoffs. 


It’s also worth noting that a microdosing journey can be equally powerful in nature-centered healing expeditions as a full-scale trip. While the effects of microdosing are subtle, they hold the potential to heighten our receptiveness and consciousness towards life. This makes microdosing an excellent option for individuals seeking to reconnect with nature without any significant disruption to their daily routines or behavior. By choosing to microdose, you can tap into the benefits of nature-bound healing while maintaining your usual activities.


In conclusion, a camping weekend accompanied by mushrooms can provide a truly transformative and euphoric experience. By being respectful, purposeful, and well-prepared in our nature-infused pursuits, we can offer ourselves a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and restore our minds with the power of nature-related healing. 




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