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The Mushroom Church

It is known that space for spiritual divinity in psychedelics is both vast and welcoming—two

Psilocybin: Paving the Path to Healing

Individuals suffering from Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and other mental illnesses understand the weight that is

Nootropic Extraction, The Right Way

It’s a given that not all mushroom products will be made equally, but did you

The Last of M(us)h: The Truth Behind Cordyceps

If you are anything like the rest of us, you may have found yourself particularly

Types Of Trippers ? 

There are multiple elements that factor into the undeniable amusement of shroom trips. From glowing

Festival On Shrooms Instead Of Booze

When it comes to weekends dedicated to fun instead of work, you better bet a

The Value of Sleep

The unquestionable value of a good night’s rest is unlike any other human demand, playing

Breaking Down the Protocols: The Stamets Stack Protocol

So we’ve deep dived into the infamous Fadiman protocol for microdosing beginners, but it doesn’t

What Does a Macro Trip Feel Like?

It’s not easy to explain the exhilaration of skydiving, unless perhaps you’ve done it. Free

Dosing on the Macro Side

The mental health phenomenon that is microdosing has certainly shaken up the world, but this