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Nix the Nic With Shrooms

Cigarettes have remained one of the world’s most tough-to-beat addictions, with 10% of Canadians over

Mushrooms – A Tool for Resolutions

We all know about the landmines of self-bettering promises we insist on amidst each New

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‘Complex’  is an understatement when we consider the human brain, and complexity takes no backseat

Beat the Flu with Functional Shrooms

Kicking off the New year with a scratchy throat and runny nose is definitely not

Quebec Hits a Milestone in Psilocybin Treatment

As the stream of information relating to the benefits of plant medicine propels forward, Canada

Seasonal Depression: The Winter Blues

In came the Christmas cheer, the white snow and family feasts. Then comes New Years,

Gut Health, The Second Brain

There are minimal things in life more powerful than the mind as we know it.

Top 5 Reads for Psychedelic Lovers

Whether you’re an avid microdoser, a skilled Psychonaut or someone with an affinity for the

Santa’s Origin from Mushrooms

Just when you thought a friendly fat man with a knack for sled-travel and a

Mushrooms: The Safest Substance You Can Take

Mushrooms: the nature-bound fungus chalk full of health benefits and medicinal powers, still under the