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Dosing on the Macro Side

The mental health phenomenon that is microdosing has certainly shaken up the world, but this is surely not magic mushroom’s first rodeo. 


Before there was microdosing there was enlightenment by big mystical experiences, and divine reaches into the vibrant unknown; Macrodosing.


Single-handedly impressing the world of wellness with staggering capabilities, macrodosing brings the psilocybin conversation to new heights for many curious individuals in a pursuit of something more



What is Macrodosing?


Macrodosing is a dose of psilocybin that surpasses the extent of a microdose and even a moderate dose.


Consuming psilocybin at an amount greater than micro is most certainly nothing new. The term “macrodosing” itself that has ventured out of the woodwork in recent years, commonly used to help emphasize the contrast between micro-level and macro-level consumptions.


A macrodose can range anywhere from 500mg to 5g<. The effects of these doses fluctuate on a spectrum from person to person, but can most often begin to show traits of a full “trip” around the 1g< mark. Overall characteristics of macrodosing, in contrast to microdosing, are broad and bring new qualities to the table that may be more powerful than we know. 



Set for Success


When it comes to more amplified doses of psychedelics, there should always be extra steps/precautions taken in order to prioritize both success and safety throughout. 


Intense trips can be illuminating and expansive, but are best handled intentionally and delicately. On higher doses, the mind can enter sensitive states that are easily affected by our surroundings. With the mind and feelings being heightened, creating an intentional setting to bring comfort and confidence can offer a more positive experience.


If you foresee a macro trip in your future, we’ve compiled some different setting examples and general tips that can be used as added guidance.


Indoor / General Tips:


Although mushrooms love intertwining with nature, some prefer to embrace their magical experience indoors instead. If that person is you, there are some things you might want to note if an luminous indoor trip is what you’re after. 


  1. Lighting and Cleanliness


Keeping lighting soft or deeper in tone can bring a more soothing element to your setting, whereas harsh lighting can disrupt the desired ambient. Opting for some colorful LEDs or bedside lamps opposed to regular overhead light can make all the difference in supporting an overall vibey experience. 


Making sure your space is free of clutter and other distracting elements is vital to setting up a positive experience. The last thing you want to feel is stress or displeasure in your sacred space, therefore, cleaning your desired area beforehand and adding some aromatherapy such as incense or essential oils can certainly elevate your experience in the long run. Remember, intention is key!  


  1. Clothing


Keep it cozy! Feeling comfortable walks hand in hand with comforting experiences, which is why light and comfy clothing is no doubt the best uniform for divine pursuits. Think loose pieces that are easy to move around in, so that you can flow seamlessly throughout the experience without feeling restricted.


  1. Music


What better way to elevate the vibes than a perfect playlist? Like we mentioned above, the mind can become more sensitive and observant when macrodosing, which is why choosing the right music can make all the difference. Calm but happy, more upbeat music can be very helpful in landing the right mood for this type of setting. Check out our spotify for some of our go-to playlists!


  1. Company


An introspective solo trip can be ideal for those seeking a more personal, self-indulgent experience, meanwhile a group trip with one or two select friends can be a very empathetic, embracive experience as well.


If you are opting for a solo trip, having someone on hand that you can call upon when/if you need guidance is an ideal precaution to take, especially if you are new to psychedelics. Having a trustworthy person nearby can also bring a heightened level of comfort into the overall experience, making it a good rule of thumb to keep in mind before jumping right in.


As for non-solo trips, choosing your company intentionally is important. To ensure only the best vibes are present, trustworthy and non-judgmental friends are the way to go. A group trip can be very effective in strengthening relationships thanks to the empathetic energy in the room, which is why you should choose people you love and trust to take on the special experience with you. 


Outdoor / General Tips:


Indoor tripping may cause some individuals to feel claustrophobic, which is why taking it outdoors can at times offer a more enjoyable experience overall. The fresh and open air of being outside can bring a beautiful surge of energy, as well as a deepened sense of connection with nature and other lifeforms. The key points of an indoor trip, as listed above, evidently can be carried over into outdoor trips.


Daylight can be a very euphoric way to experience nature on mushrooms, but it is recommended to try and steer away from places hosting large crowds of people. Some can begin to feel overwhelmed in hyper public spaces while tripping, so choosing a naturesque place known to be more quaint, and that you’re familiar with, is most ideal for daytime quests. 


On the other hand of being outdoors, night time trips are a sure shot for interstellar adventures, accompanied by a vast sky of planets and stars. Tripping at dusk can be perfect for those looking to avoid crowds, but should be approached in the safest manner possible. 


Long night walks are a staple trip activity, but should almost always be joined by the company of others. So if a night trip outdoors is something you’re after, make sure those beautiful friends of yours are along for the ride beforehand. And make sure you’re bundled up too!


Sticking to familiar routes is important under trip settings, making sure you always know how to return to your sacred space. Mind you, you’d be surprised at how fascinating the neighborhood can really be under magical circumstances.


Under both nighttime and daytime conditions, keeping a bag packed with things like water, extra layers of clothing, a charged phone, and other necessary items for your adventure can be another intentional way to keep the experience positive and well-prepared.


Integration / Mindfulness Tips:


For many individuals taking the macrodosing route, there may be a specific intention involved. 

Although a hefty trip can bring many forms of insight, it’s good to let the magic move at its own chosen pace naturally. If you are seeking a certain outcome or revelation from the experience, simply write it down, and then try to let it go. As the saying goes, “let the mushrooms guide you.”


If a desired revelation is meant to exist in your experience, you can trust that it will. Perhaps, the experience wishes to show you something entirely different, and that is okay too. At times in trips like these, the outcomes will be completely out of our control—that may be a part of the magic in itself. Oftentimes the differing outcome ends up being exactly what you may need to see/hear despite any expectations.


The real trick is to simply trust the process. If your experience brings feelings of discomfort or confrontations you were not expecting, try and allow it to live and pass. When you feel able, try to write these feelings down too.


Having a journal on hand both prior to and during a trip can be very effective in proper psychedelic experience integration, leaving you with notes to re-analyze once the trip has completed. Revisiting these entries can be powerful on days when we are seeking insight from a different perspective, and for days when we wish to explore a past trip experience further.


Trips are very unique and personal, so try to not compare your experience to the experiences of others. Whichever lesson or feeling you are meant to experience is exactly what it’ll be. Try to rid yourself of preconceived notions beforehand and enjoy all of it!


Let it be Light:


We often tend to figure mushroom trips should coexist with abundant mystical experiences, but sometimes it really doesn’t have to. 


Although we are handling a sacred plant that should always be treated with respect, there is nothing wrong with macrodosing for the purpose of light, expansive fun. 


Macrodosing can bring bounds of laughter, joy, and love. So if a night of belly laughs and cries of sincere joy is all that it is, let it be that. 





We want to ensure that everyone’s experience is a positive one, big or small.


If you’re wanting to try a macro level dose but are skeptical about the effects, stick around for our next post where we will dissect each stage of a macro mushroom trip. 


If diving into the mystics is on your 2023 bucket list, we got you covered. 


Yours, with love,


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