Breaking Down the Protocols: The Fadiman Protocol

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Breaking Down the Protocols: The Fadiman Protocol

So microdosing has piqued your interest and you’ve acquired the products, now what?


As microdosing becomes more and more prominent in modern day wellness regimes, loads of curious individuals are hopping on the all-natural magic path for a plethora of intentional reasons. Although microdosing has been particularly on the rise in recent years, mycology experts have devoted years to understanding not only the fundamentals of microdosing, but how to do it right. 


Putting in the time to research what you’re ingesting for health purposes is an ideal rule of thumb for any new routine addition, and microdosing is understandably no exception. Not only can simple knowledge boost the confidence of the consumer, but it also assures you the best chance at overall success in your self-betterment endeavors. 


Sometimes the outpour of tips and tricks on the internet can be overwhelming, which is why we want to try and make it as simple as possible. Let’s kick off this simplified microdosing crash course with one of the core elements of long-term microdosing success: The Protocols!


To avoid any confusion, we’re gonna break down these protocols one at a time. There are quite a few dosing protocols out there fit for different reasons, often geared towards different goals as well as experience levels. This article is all about one of the more famous protocols, a first of its kind applauded by beginners, professionals, and psychonauts alike for its easy-to-follow, perfect for anyone nature. The Fadiman Protocol!


Who is Fadiman


Curated by the psychedelic pioneer himself, Dr. James Fadiman, The Fadiman Protocol has aided hundreds of people in kick starting their microdosing journeys over the years. Since 2010, Fadiman has been stockpiling reports from thousands of individuals around the world who have tried microdosing, majority of whom have specifically used his protocol. The plethora of reports over the years have surged Dr. Fadiman’s faith in microdosing, enlightened by success stories highlighting various contexts such as anxiety, depression, stress and more. However, his earning of the title “Father of Microdosing” didn’t just begin there. 


Dr. James Fadiman has always been ahead of the times in terms of psychedelic exploration. Being one of the first to publicly acknowledge the benefits of psychedelics on a professional scale, his devotion resulted in some of the most monumental works and studies in psychedelic research to date. 


Fadiman was the youngest researcher at the International Foundation of Advanced Study in California, a psychedelic research facility whose research was brought to an abrupt halt by the FDA in the 1960’s. Although all research on psychedelics was banned by the federal government at that time, Fadiman remained persistent in his explorative pursuits. Later on, Fadiman and psychologist Robert Frager would go on to co-found the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in 1975, where Fadiman shared his impressive insight as a lecturer in psychedelic studies for some years. 


In 2011, Dr. Fadiman published his book “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide,” a compilation of psychedelic knowledge emphasizing the spiritual and therapeutic use of psychedelics. This book would be a milestone in microdosing knowledge, becoming the first ever real publication on the subject. 


If it wasn’t enough to offer us the insight of a well-versed, psychedelic pioneer in book format, Fadiman delivered once again by formulating the most infamous microdosing protocol we know today. 

Now that you’ve gotten to know a bit more about the man behind the magic, without further ado, let’s get into it… 


The Fadiman Protocol


The Fadiman Protocol consists of a 4-day process, with doses taken on day 1 and day 4 only. 


Day 1: First microdose

Day 2: Afterglow day

Day 3: Day off

Day 4: Second microdose


Repeat the process for 4-8 weeks, then take 2-4 weeks off.


Pretty straightforward right? The simplicity of this protocol is what makes it perfect for beginners but also carries a bound of intention in just how the days are laid out. 


Day 1 Breakdown: The first day is naturally where the protocol begins, but you may need to reserve another day before beginning the protocol depending on how new you are to microdosing. A vital component to all protocols is making sure you’ve found your sweet spot in your dosage. We say this to ensure you’re beginning your new practice on the right foot. We recommend our Clarity Lite capsules or our regular Clarity capsules for not only beginners, but anyone choosing to integrate microdosing as a part of their routine. Once you feel confident in your dose choice, simply take your microdose in the morning with food (to best avoid upset stomach) and water, and go about your regular day! 


Day 2 Breakdown: Although you won’t be taking another microdose until day 4, the in between days is where the progression really takes place. Many refer to the day after dosing as the “afterglow” day, because of the enhanced qualities that come with it. At this time, the after-effects of the psilocybin can linger, sustaining potential feelings of heightened insight and/or euphoria from the dose taken the day before. Each body has its own process, and for some the linger effects may be completely unnoticeable by this time, but it’s just as important to trust in the afterglow process. Allowing your body to process the benefits without interruption is a great routine to get into, with some saying the afterglow day is the best day to relish in the stress-free, mood boosting vibes of microdosing. 


Day 3 Breakdown: Day 3 is all about letting the body rest. This day is when the body can resume homeostasis, essentially bringing us back to our usual functioning state without the residual effects of psilocybin. This day is vital for more reasons than just rest, in the sense that it allows us to analyze our microdosing days in a way where we can differentiate our on/off days and see how they contrast. Being able to feel out the contrast between these states can provide the introspection we need to figure out how our microdosing journey is going, while giving the benefits of our dose days a moment to really shine. The rest day does not insinuate that you need to change your routine to optimize said rest, but just to let the body rekindle with its usual state. This off day process also prevents unwanted tolerance build up. Rest is key!


Day 4 Breakdown: Enjoy your second dose and carry about your day like day one. The days to follow will be the same afterglow/off day process as mentioned above. 


Easy peasy!


In order to follow the Fadiman Protocol verbatim, this process should be followed for a minimum of 4 weeks, with others finding benefits in an 8 week duration as well. After the protocol duration has concluded, a 2-4 week break is recommended for resting.




Following a designated protocol in the beginning stages of a microdosing journey can be very helpful for tracking progress and also keeping the new routine consistent to reap congruous outcomes. By beginning with structure and intent, the likelihood of achieving goals throughout the process becomes more prevalent. 


There are a handful of different protocols out there to enhance different aspects of microdosing, and the Fadiman protocol is one that we know to be successful and most ideal for beginners. We’ve done our best to become familiar with all protocols, and will be breaking down each of them in separate articles going forward to ensure you find the best one for you and your unique journey. 


Have a favorite protocol that has done wonders for you? We want to know more.

Reach out to [email protected] if you have an experience of your own that you are eager to share!


Yours truly,


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