How Pro MMA Fighter Melissa Croden Promotes Healing through Psilocybin

“A good way to look at spiritual development is: the only way is through meaning, you cannot pretend that you do not have shadows, you have to study them in order to truly conquer them.” 

– Melissa Croden


It’s not often that you see mushrooms and Mixed Martial Arts paired together, but professional fighter Melissa Croden is changing that. While fiercely competing in the ring, Croden proudly sports the logo of a mushroom wellness company on her back. As an advocate for the use of mushrooms for wellness, Croden is breaking barriers and raising awareness about the benefits of natural remedies for athletes.


It’s evident that plant medicine could provide benefits to athletes beyond just physical health. The pressure that comes with professional sports is unparalleled, and the physical and mental tolls on athletes can be impactful. 


I think that finding time for healing and relaxation is always a struggle for any serious athlete, it took me a number of years to allow myself to have days off without feeling guilty.”


Incorporating plant medicine into an athlete’s wellness routine has been said to manage anxiety, reduce painful inflammation, and improve overall mental clarity and focus. As more athletes begin to explore the benefits of natural remedies, we can witness a shift in the way that sports professionals approach their health and wellness, with plant medicine playing an increasingly significant role in recent years. 


“I have found that microdosing is great for recovery on my days off, it helps to alleviate anxiety, allowing me to enjoy my day off from the gym to its fullest.”


It was fascinating to get a better understanding on how an athlete like Melissa uses mushrooms to support her journey in such an arduous sport — shedding light on how more and more athletes are turning to holistic remedies for their wellness needs. 


“I have been micro dosing psilocybin for some time now and have noticed that it has many benefits. When I have used it for conditioning training it has helped to turn off the part of my brain that says “this sucks” and instead allows me to focus on the task at hand.”


When we think of plant medicines like psilocybin, we often associate them with spiritual journeys and personal growth. This is because these substances have introspective and empathetic qualities that can help people connect with themselves and others on a deeper level. For professional fighter Melissa Croden, these qualities are not just useful in her personal life, but also in her career — which many would consider to be a confrontational, intense, and even angry sport. 


I would have to say that MMA is both therapeutic and expressive but most of all, to me, it is spiritual. Many people, when they think of any combative sport, associate the violence with anger but it rarely has anything to do with emotion, in fact; it has everything to do with the development and transcendence of emotions, a salve to our carnal nature, you could say.


In conclusion, it is clear that healing is a personal journey that can take many forms. From meditation and yoga to sports and intense activity, the path to healing is unique to each individual. So, whether you prefer to hit the gym or take a stroll in nature, the most important thing is to find what works for you and embrace it with open arms. After all, a healthy mind, body, and soul is the ultimate goal, and there is never just one “right” way to achieve it.


As we continue to hear from athletes like Melissa who share their personal experiences with psilocybin, it is our hope that others who lead similar lifestyles can also discover the transformative benefits of this powerful substance. With their voices joining a growing chorus of advocates, we are witnessing a new era of openness and understanding when it comes to the potential of psilocybin to promote healing and personal growth.


 Let us keep the conversation going and continue to explore the many ways that psilocybin can positively impact our lives, openly, and inclusively. 


“The best advice I can give to someone who is attempting to become successful in any sport to an elite level is, go all in, quit your job, leave whoever is holding you back, do what you have to do to give everything that you have to your success because at the end of it all, you only have one go at it so you might as well make it count! The only thing that you will regret is not trying to the fullest.” – Melissa Croden

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