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Make Shroom for the Bride and Groom: Why Soon to be Newly-Weds are Trading out Open Bars for Magic Mushroom

With alcohol-fueled gatherings still living up to its charms, it seems that partygoers now have more than one option for creating lasting memories. For the brides and grooms who want their weddings to soar lightyears higher than the rest, adding a twist of endless laughter, pulsing colors, and outpouring love might be the new way to do it. 


Throwing a memorable and magical wedding is something most individuals will dream about at some point in their lives. From intricate floral arrangements to ethereal attire, the carefully arranged declaration of love is a day that should be remembered by all. In this, there exists yet another mystifying way to capture the minds and hearts of your coveted wedding guests – enter, shrooms!


Since the start of COVID-19, there has been a major uptick in mushroom consumption among individuals of all generations. With microdosing skyrocketing in popularity especially, the general perspective on magic mushrooms has changed dramatically in recent years. Not only are people using small doses of mushrooms to make them more productive at work, but it now seems as though the connective effects of the plant are beginning to show promise in more unanticipated areas than one. 


Much like statement veils and chic bohemian decor, there are new trends hitting the wedding aisle all the time. One timeless trend among wedding celebrations is surely the part that attendees look most forward to — that being the notorious open bar experience. Romantic cocktails, bottles of champagne, you name it, any good wedding has probably got it. But as we get older and hangovers become progressively more intolerable, the attraction towards mushrooms is gaining traction. 


Psilocybin, the active ingredient found in magic mushrooms, has not only shown the ability to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression in clinical trials and in countless personal testimonies, but is now receiving attention in a new realm, that being its unique ability to enhance social gatherings. 


So as unconventional weddings gain popularity as means of expressing one’s individuality without traditional constraints, there is no doubt that mushroom weddings may become a particular hit this wedding season. Here’s why:


If you have ever done mushrooms before, whether it be a microdose or a whole handful, you may find yourself reminiscing on those awesome feelings that were felt. Psilocybin has been known to increase feelings of euphoria, connectedness, and openness in individuals, creating a heightened emotional state that hosts the perfect space for interpersonal bonds to be both created and embraced. In terms of how we connect with one another at events such as weddings or other celebrations, alcohol often plays a major, if not crucial, role in ensuring that will happen. 


Though the exciting ambiance of a wedding’s cocktail hour is a communal source of enjoyment, I think we can all agree that the transition from daytime buzz to nighttime stumbles is one short and steep hill for many. This seems to be especially common at weddings, as the overwhelming joy that fills the room can lead to unintended excess drinking without much awareness. Consequently, the lingering memory of a wedding for many adults is often accompanied by the aftermath of a post-wedding hangover. But is that truly the lasting impression you want your guests to carry with them? Maybe not. 


In contrast to the fun, lighthearted connections formed through alcohol-induced sociability, psilocybin may offer attendees a similar, but different opportunity. Not only does psilocybin have the ability to create an atmosphere of authenticity and vulnerability, but it can also turn the average wedding reception into a grooviest dance party known to man. Call it the new-age macarena!


Now, it’s not that grandma and grandpa wanna be tripping out on the dance floor per se, but for the more apprehensive guests, fear not! It turns out that a microdose of psilocybin can be the secret ingredient to get your groove on, only without any unexpected psychedelic surprises. So, go ahead and bust those dance moves, knowing that even if your dance partner is a human and not a unicorn, your dance floor charisma will still be off the charts!


Because of this, microdosing psilocybin has become a popular tool for those who suffer from social anxiety, as psilocybin is thought to cause acute disintegration of core neural networks involved in social anxiety disorder symptoms. Consequently, the use of psilocybin may serve a similar purpose to alcohol, helping individuals loosen up and reduce inhibitions, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in the gathering at hand. In more simple words, it can help us reach that desired level of social lubrication that alcohol does, just through different mechanisms. 


Attendees should also be warned that deep belly laughs with friends and family are to be expected when mushrooms are involved, adding a lighthearted and hilarious energy to a room full of love. If you have ever been lucky enough to experience the sheer amusement of mushroom-induced giggle fits, you know that there is no better way to create a fond memory with friends than to release tension through hours of childlike laughter. 


It goes without saying, if you are someone who is hoping to introduce the mystical fungi vibes into your perfect day, there needs to be a clear and cautionary form of communication implicated with guests beforehand. At the end of the day, psychedelics, even in miniscule doses, are not for everyone. Couples should be mindful of their guests’ comfort levels and provide alternative options for those who choose not to participate, to ensure everyone feels included in the fun. Open and honest communication, along with an emphasis on safety and consent, are crucial factors in embracing this alternative to alcohol in a way that is enjoyable and comfortable for everyone involved. 


Providing psilocybin options such as chocolates, candies, or carefully measured capsules can add a new vibe-enhancing element to the overall atmosphere and promote connectivity on a day dedicated to perfection. In order to execute this properly, it is ideal that you acquaint yourself with your guests’ experience levels with the substance and offer low doses to ensure there are no unexpected trips into space during speech time.


As this trend grows in popularity, it prompts us to question traditional norms and begin exploring new avenues for connection and celebration. When it comes to a moment as extraordinary as a wedding day, it is truly captivating to witness the growing number of individuals embracing their true selves and forging connections that align with their authentic identities and desires. 


So may we raise a glass—or perhaps a mushroom—to an extraordinary future, where celebrations may become a fairground for wonderful experiences that your guests will never forget.


Isn’t that what love is all about?




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