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Top 5 Reads for Psychedelic Lovers

Whether you’re an avid microdoser, a skilled Psychonaut or someone with an affinity for the great divine– there’s no better way to pass the time than feeding the mind with a great book. Here we’ve compiled some highly appraised novels to best suit your cozy blanket days, and have you fully captivated throughout.


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1. How To Change Your Mind

             By Michael Pollan


You may have found yourself head-deep in the Netflix documentary “How to Change Your Mind,” released in the summer of 2022, a documentary built to bend and expand the way we view psychedelics in modern times. Many were left perplexed by the sheer complexity of this series, and surely the book it was based on does just that, and much more. 

From devout research to mystical speculation, Michael Pollan single-handedly grips users by discussing life’s greatest mysteries in the name of psychedelics. Readers can be left in a trance of deep thought while thrilled by life’s many possibilities, upon submerging in this highly applauded, well-thought phenomenon of a novel. 


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2. The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide

              By Dr. James Fadiman


The sure-shot guide for all things psychedelic. Whether it be discussing the subtle, life-changing elements of microdosing or the mind-bending soul shifts of full trips – James Fadiman takes the reins of being one of the most prominent names in the world of psychedelics today, for all the right reasons.

Fadiman uses his long stream of expertise in order to dissect the core pieces of psychedelic practice, creating the perfect base for safe, effective, and successful practice. For those seeking a further understanding on the therapeutic benefits of mushrooms from a well-versed expert, The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide will not disappoint. 


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3. The Power Of Now

             By Eckhart Tolle


Being one of the best selling self-help novels of all time is the powerful words of Eckhart Tolle, a novel that has enlightened readers around the world with the theme of self reflection while honoring the power of presence. 

Highly appraised for its readable structure, any and all readers can be mesmerized by the captivating pull that Tolle achieves through depthful topics any human can relate to. The journey of life and the creation of self is brought to higher states of consciousness through the dynamic subject of life & death. There is surely no way to describe this book besides reading it, and you will not regret the influential self-revelations upon doing so. 


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4. Rooted

             By Lyanda Lynn Haupt


Award-winning author Lyanda Lynn Haupt dedicates an inspiring novel to the importance of nature, creatures, and artists in one stellar read that reminds us of the true unbreakable bonds of worldly connection. 

This wildly abundant novel pieces together nature and science in its relevance to the body, mind, and spirit, and its undoubtful bond to the earth. Lyanda’s personable writing style offers her readers effective ways to approach living as one with nature, while touching on the profound ways we connect with life through art. Reigniting your passion and love for the earth, and coming into full touch with oneself, is only a passionate read away with the help of this enchanting novel.


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5. Sacred knowledge

             By William A. Richards


Amidst 3 decades of research, the book “Sacred Knowledge” is a first of its kind, documenting the use of psychedelics in modern society. Trailing back to the 1960’s where scientists advocated for psychedelic research, William A. Richards re-postures the 60’s recreational drug frenzy in the tone of “what if” by assessing the unfathomable potential that proper psychedelic use always had. 

Heightened states of human consciousness, biological processes and mental health topics can be extended to the furthest limits in this incredible piece of work, taking our current understanding of psychedelic abilities to a place that was once thought to be non-existent.  For those who seek a heightened understanding of the problematic roots of psychedelic research, while applauding the progressive outcomes of where we’ve come now, Sacred Knowledge will assume position as the book that did it all. 


In the land of wellness and psychedelics, resources for knowledge are never-ending. To summarize the best reads into a list of 5 might as well be close to impossible, so stay tuned for more psychedelic reading lists in the future! 

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