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Types Of Trippers ? 

There are multiple elements that factor into the undeniable amusement of shroom trips. From glowing colors to mystical shape shows, the beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. And, it is the beholders themselves, that really keep the good times rolling. 


Just like in everyday life, varying personality types show face in a range of different individual qualities. These unique characteristics that vary from person to person are undoubtedly the paint that turns this life into art and we all know art can be enlivened when a mushroom trip is involved. 


So, what’s your trip personality type?



  1. The Giggle Goblin (Excited, Amusing, Curious)


With utmost notoriety is the well-adorned Giggle Goblin. The Giggle Goblins don’t need to hit the gym, because they get all the sculpting they need from laughter alone. 20 minutes into a trip and the Giggle Goblin has already found something to chuckle over. When they are not busting out giggles, you will find them in a state of cheesy perma-grin. Be careful around Giggle Goblins as their symptoms are highly contagious. If you happen to be sharing a trip setting with them, you will likely become infested with the same guffawing energy as them in little to no time. Giggle Goblins love to relish in the simpler things in life, as they are able find pockets of joy in any pair of pants. Giggle Goblins are always looking forward to their next trip, and love to invite new friends along for the ride. 



  1. The Tree Hugger (Grounded, Explorative, Empathetic)


There is no wider embrace than the warm squeeze of our Tree Huggers. The Tree Hugger trip will always revolve around greenery, wildlife, and the great outdoors. This is because The Tree Hugger will always feel at home, as long as nature is involved. The connective bond between The Tree Hugger and nature is truly unmatchable as they always find warmth in the subtle cuddles of mother earth. If you can find a moment to peel The Tree Hugger off the tree, you will find they have a knack for animated story-telling, and can also conjure up some exquisite flower crowns. If you are embarking on a trip with The Tree Hugger, just make sure you’re wearing comfortable footwear. The sunny forest promenades will always be long ones, although, The Tree Hugger will likely be barefoot. May the forest be with you!



  1. The Sitter Tripper (Wise, Mellow, Warm)


Otherwise known as the well-practiced “pro” and/or “straight chiller” is The Sitter Tripper. The Sitter Tripper will always make sure the vibes are right and that everyone is comfortable and amused throughout the trip’s entirety. Their cool as a cucumber demeanor is not to be mistaken with sobriety, as they could down a whole jar of magic gummies for breakfast and you would simply never know it. The Sitter Tripper knows that life is a trip, which is why they can explore space with nothing but a bicycle helmet and sunglasses on – they are just chill like that. If you are lucky enough to know a Sitter Tripper, you can rest assured that every trip will be a good one because you are traveling with the best guide. The Sitter Tripper is a selfless being who will always prioritize the enjoyment of those around them in a mystical experience which ensures you will ask them to join you again next time. Their dry-witted sense of humor is captivating enough to have you enraptured the entire time, which is why The Sitter Tripper is one to beat when it comes to creating the dream trip team. We love you Sitter Trippers. 



  1. The Guru (Soulful, Compassionate, Clever)


With great power comes great responsibility, and much power lies in the hands of The Guru. The Guru is skilled at emphasizing life’s deeper meanings and knows there is a divine lesson in every mushroom trip. Guru trippers can lead natural conversations into mind-bending revelations, for they themselves have uncovered many treasures through the use of sacred medicine. The Guru is an incredible listener and will offer soulful advice to anyone in their presence who seeks it. Unlike The Sitter Tripper who will guide trips through their laid-back, unbothered manner, The Guru will prioritize depthful exchanges as a way to further a mushroom trip. If you are seeking a profound interaction between yourself and the universe, in an authentic way through plant medicine, you can trust that The Guru will help you get there. 



  1. The Gazer (Present, Attentive, Grateful)


The characteristics of The Gazer can show in both beginners and experienced psychedelic users, as they simply embody the “in awe” feelings of a mushroom trip. The Gazer will suit its name to a tee, and can be found building constellations for hours while they stroke the soft grass they lay in. A mushroom trip will have The Gazer fully enraptured by the sensations of the experience, where their main prerogative will be soaking it all in while it lasts. The Gazer loves to point out new found shapes and colors to their friends, but can also find enjoyment in a solo mushroom trip. The Gazer might not be the one to talk the most, but the universe will hear their intentions loud and clear as they relish in everything that is being offered from the mushrooms. 


Now that we’ve listed five popular tripper types, you must know the list could go on and on. Mushroom tripping is an incredibly unique and individual experience, with each venture bearing different traits than the next. 


One of the many beautiful aspects of tripping is that traits can be enhanced to a pretty fascinating degree. Whether it be colors, landscapes, or even personality traits—mushrooms can offer new perspectives on what we often take for granted on a common basis. 

The giggles, the gazes, the worldly bonds and the deep talks, they all come with an abundance of value that can show us things about ourselves we’ve yet to really think about. 


With all tripper types being equally as special, we hope you were able to relate to one or two and can look forward to your next adventure with a sprinkle of extra excitement. 




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