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The principles of self betterment (vital steps to microdose success) 


M –  Mindfulness


  • Mindfulness is a meditative practice reliant on the act of self observation. Mindfulness allows us to focus on our feelings and thoughts without judgment, while furthering our ability to be aware in the present. The act of mindfulness is a key principle in the realm of self advancement, bringing us back to our core necessities: breathing, gratitude, and presence. Ways of practicing mindfulness can consist of and not be limited to: meditation, breath work, journaling, walks in nature, sensory deprivation tanks, active listening, etc. Incorporating mindful living into psychedelic practice is a sure way to enhance your experience and relish in the benefits that derive from it. 


A – Acknowledgement 


  • Self acknowledgement is dependent on achieving honest observations of oneself. Staying alert and attentive to different thoughts and emotions that pass by will further your willingness to recognize them. Gaining comfortability in understanding not only the good feelings but the bad ones too is vital in learning how to cope with them, while also finding new ways to embrace them. With an integral practice like microdosing, you will find that feelings arise more seamlessly as the mind opens up. Because of this, it is very beneficial to acknowledge every feeling as an important one, and as one that will structure every good one to follow. Practicing shadow work is a very progressive way to advance your comfortability in self acknowledgement as well as being a great thing to include in any wellness shift, such as microdosing. 


G – Guidance


  • Be your own guide. Being dedicated to educating yourself on the topic of wellness and natural medicine is a great place to begin. Gaining an understanding of everything that is this neverending fountain of new information and products will surely bring ease and responsibility into your practice. Within this, it is important to keep in mind that you must remain firm in the position that is being your own guide. It is easy to hear the many success stories of others which then you may compare your own to, but it is never much worth the comparison. Although successful wellness journeys are very motivating, it is always good to remember that your success will always ultimately rely on you and the shifts you made within it. We all come from different backgrounds, with different genes and minds, not one story will be exactly like the next, and that has much to do with its beauty. Seeking guidance from your own journey and remaining attentive to your progress is the best thing you can do, paired with reading new information and staying on top of practice knowledge. Patience is a vital organ in this pursuit, so allow time to guide us where we must go, opposed to the trials of others. 


I – Integration


  • A practice is not fulfilled until changes are made. There is no magic pill to solve all your problems, it will not change your income or fix your relationships, but a proper practice may challenge what is in the way of your advancements, and motivate you to make the changes that deem necessary. In order to properly feel the pros of your betterment journey, one must consider all corners of life, and integrate the shifts they should call for. Integrating healthy habits and self-care into a routine is the one best way to master your experience, and ensure that the effects will make a furthered impact in the long term. Not every change must happen at once, achievements move at their own pace, but there are always available ways to nudge it in the best direction when proper change has been integrated.


C – Clarity


  • From start to finish, perception is an essential piece in every experience. How we react, decide, and respond is all reliant on our base perception. When we lack mental clarity, our ability to fully indulge our experiences becomes tasking. Just like it is difficult to feel your best in a cluttered room, organizing your thoughts makes a major impact on how you deal with situations, including life itself. Extended time outdoors, proper sleep, healthy friendships, and microdosing are all important ways to enhance mental clarity. How we find success in our journeys is reliant on how we execute them, and maintaining a clear mind is how we will find what we rightfully deserve. When we master mindful clarity, abundance can never be a rarity.

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