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Different high, why?

There are little things more broad than the transcending shifts of psychedelic practice that rely on your mind as the main component, so it can be tough to find one same answer for all, but that too, is a piece of its individualized beauty. Why do I not feel this evolutionary stage of healing, the way my partner can? How is it that a small dose that ignites nothing for so many has the ability to light a whole fire beneath me? Why can I not gain this momentum of indescribable introspect that seems so easy for those around me, when in some simple words, we are the same? This magician never shares their secrets, but perhaps it is not so sleight of hand.


If we take a moment to emphasize the reliance on your mind pertaining to such a high, we may share the same drug, but we may not share the high. Aside from the many factors in place conducting the way drugs are metabolized, each person owns separate factors that can cater to, or blunt the given high. Antidepressants such as SSRIs and other medications like stimulants can hinder the effects of psychedelics due to how they affect the nervous system where psychedelics are processed. Pre-existing mental blocks such as anxiousness towards life or the drug itself can also affect a high, as the mind is known to serve as a self protector, resulting in a case of lack-lustre at times out of our control. Human beings are highly individualistic and will always have different traits than the next person, and it would take pages upon pages to discuss all the little things that may allow your friend to trip while your other friend feels nothing but the air in the room, it is true unpredictability in its finest dress when it comes to complex experiences like these ones.


In terms of what we can control, the act of letting go and knowing your boundaries creates a cleaner base for a pleasant high to take place. Understanding that you carry the most control of your mind is establishing an idea not only for psychedelic endeavors but in everyday life, and is a practice that will serve you in both confidence and self awareness as a result. The build-up process of waiting for something to work is evidently fueled by feelings of anticipation, oftentimes in these stages we work up our brains to an overdrive state that can then result in heightened anxiety and restlessness. Finding ways to relax in this stage can be beneficial in how we react to the process, allowing us to be more open to different outcomes. Acts such as meditation, calm music, reading and/or talking with a friend are all useful ways to approach this. 


Approaching psychedelics with delicacy, intention, and open mindedness are core to the experience itself. Once you gain a sense of what makes this practice so sacred, you may find yourself less willing to compare or question the variance in all different experiences. Understand that the sacred attribute of this medicine is not to be molded by someone else, but it is molded already and will serve you with its proper intent and the pace it should. You will find an advancement in psychedelic ventures once you allow the ego not to fight it, but to embrace it. When you begin to approach the healing of psychedelics with a patient understanding of its very purpose, your intention will be noticed. Know that the beauty of this plant exposes its individual effectiveness upon the differences of every person, and although its power is without a doubt a force of the most vibrational nature, all healing and all marveling experience begins with you.


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