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Make shroom for the bride and groom

The fundamentals of a beautiful wedding is something that most people dream of. The perfect white dress, intricate floral arrangements, the devout vows of true love; many things that make the big day one to remember for life. There’s nothing more exciting than the celebratory popping of a champagnes cork to signify a long-term commitment. How about adding mushrooms to the mix?


When we think about a day composed of such value, many of us will stop at nothing to ensure that everything is picture perfect for the big event. Although the traditional ceremony is certainly one to admire, there seems to be more and more brides and grooms willing to take on the non-conventional route in a pursuit to best portray their story of love, and to further their experience as the unique individuals that they are. We can’t help but love it. 


When we hear the term “non-conventional wedding” we tend to picture a coloured dress, a gothic venue or a baby Elvis instead of a priest. In a recent article published in The Cut, a newly wed couple shared their own unorthodox wedding experience with writer Jenni Avins, to which they offered their special guests magic mushrooms as a ‘Thank You’ gift. Thanks to the evident bond and understanding between the couple and their guests, this choice offering of microdose capsules presumably came as something to embrace upon their monumental day. “It had an element of surprise and delight for our guests,” said the bride. The couple addressed the importance of safety and intention put in place in preparation for the day, with precautions such as reliable sources, as well as testing and measuring to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


One guest in particular, who in the interview goes under the sobriquet of May, was a bit skeptical of the idea, as many people would be. The idea of magic mushrooms as a whole is still often perceived as a mind-bending, sensory shocking substance, to which a wedding might not seem like the best place for. As we know, there is a new way about psychedelics taking over modern times with a much milder outlook, thanks to the beauty of microdosing. One excerpt from the article that we find incredibly captivating is how May summarizes her experience: 


“I wasn’t really sure how much I was going to be able to retain my faculties on mushrooms at a family wedding,” May says. “But then as soon as they started to kick in, I realized that it was going to be totally fine, and it just became incredibly fun. I remember dancing and just feeling so awake and alive. Everything was sort of glowy and the lights were so beautiful, and I just felt like I really loved my cousins and my family so much.”


Although rightfully apprehensive at the beginning, May continued to close her statement by stating that she believes microdosing should be at every wedding, at every celebration and even at every baby shower. So the real question is why? This is what we think.


As we continue to touch on the ever changing topic of psychedelics, much like the fundamentals of the perfect wedding, the fundamentals of psychedelics stay true to the main intention: connection. We understand that the use of psilocybin has made a great impact on our ability to connect, empathize and perceive things deeply, so it is no surprise to us that an event such as a wedding or any celebration for that matter, can be positively enhanced by the intentional use of psychedelics. 


Alcohol has been a highly praised substance in celebration culture since it was introduced to the public. As we come to realize that reliably sourced mushrooms are equally, if not more, safe than alcohol, why not allow our minds to expand as the world begins to welcome the idea of naturally derived substances? We certainly cannot argue that. 


Stay tuned for our next article, where we discuss the differences between mushrooms and alcohol, and why more people are kicking booze to the curb. 


Congratulations to the newlyweds, and stay elevated!




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