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Can Shrooms be Couples Therapy?

Love makes the world go round and is certainly one of the most vital components of life. Whether you are currently in love or actively seeking it, it’s no rarity to understand that this abundant figure of connection can be a tricky one to upkeep. 


The best things in life are worth fighting for and some brave couples are willing to walk great lengths in order to bring that spark back. We’ve all heard of couples therapy, you know, where couples will have a professional mediate an assortment of flammable issues in an attempt to extinguish it. Well, there is a new approach on the couples counselling horizon, only this time the professional is a psychedelic. 


As different articles began popping up about couples tripping out together as a form of therapy, I couldn’t have been less surprised. In prior experiences from my own mushroom endeavours, I always found myself thinking heavily about my partner on the times he was not around. Every time I ate mushrooms with friends,  I would wish for the presence of him unlike ever before and, although he was always only ever a call away, I found myself in a beaming yet poignant state of yearning love as I brushed my hand over the head of his absent, beautiful being. 


Over the course of our years together, our problems, whether they were big or small, made a clear impact on our ability to appreciate one another. Upon the ingestion of mushrooms there is this undeniable course of feeling that allows us to connect with our surroundings deeper than we often recognize. This act of replacing our self-center with worldly connection brings on this certain level of devout appreciation, which is why couple tripping seems to be so successful. 


Our first mushroom trip together was a stepping stone, we laughed, we sobbed, we gazed, and for a few moments it was like we had just met for the first time. As a result of the 7ish hours that felt pure and utterly timeless, we were brought closer together.


Professionals note that the consumption of psychedelics can commence a journey of healing, allowing us to accept the past and progress towards the future. In many different relationships we can harbour ill feelings overtime. Whether it stems from a bad fight or an irritating habit, a lack of acceptance and/or forgiveness can make it difficult to fully accept your partner as they are or who they are trying to become. Another task to defeat when it comes to relationships is the spark plateau; when day to day life gets in the way of bonding experiences in long-term relationships. This plateau can create a feeling of overwhelming stagnancy, bombarding the once exciting parts of a happy relationship with a whole lot of *blah* as we grow comfortable with our partners. Now, achieving a level of unmatchable comfort with someone can be one of the most beautiful parts of a relationship, but other times it can cause us to stop trying like we used to. Essentially we may stop trying to get to know each other. 


All this to say, the idea that magic mushrooms could make a positive impact on these incredibly common relationship issues, makes a world of sense to me and is now making sense to a handful of couples as well. Couples who have undergone mushroom trips together often make note of similar effects, such as a deepened appreciation for their partner, a sense of unity and connection, as well as deep emotional releases upon the addressing of their issues. In regular couples therapy, a commonly used tactic is allowing one to speak as the other simply listens – another thing to be observed in psychedelic therapy. A heightened ability to observe and accept is a common effect of psychedelic use which could be used as an effective method for understanding each other further as ill-feelings are addressed. Vulnerability is also a large component of psychedelics as levels of openness are increased and the willingness to break down the wall that protects us from the things we don’t like. All these effects play big roles in why so many people have started their own personal microdosing journeys and we are elated to watch couples benefit from the same wins. 


Perhaps you and your partner have some things to work through and could benefit from a heightened level of openness, or maybe you want to rekindle that young love spark that once was. If so, a shroomy moment with your loved one just might do the trick. 


Here’s some tips for best approaching a reconnection of magic with your partner:


  1. Make sure you are both in an open mindset. 
  2. Create a comfortable setting that you can both enjoy.
  3. Set a common intention that you wish to uncover.
  4. Don’t force deep talks, let things approach you as they should.
  5. Don’t set expectations, allow the conversation and emotions to guide themselves.
  6. Understand that sometimes a night of laughter is just as important as an emotional conversation.
  7. Allow space for fun!


If you’re thinking about walking down the shroom path hand in hand with your special person, our Indulge chocolate is the perfect match for sharing and connecting. We wish you all the best, and nothing but love. 


Yours truly, 


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