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Trip or Treat?

Dear Witches, Ghost Hunters and Sweettooths: your season has arrived. Enhanced by the crisp chill of Fall air, many of us can feel this spooky holiday as it peers around the corner, regardless of our age. Perhaps it’s the stories of floating brooms or the weeks put into die-hard costumes. Whatever it is, I think it’s fair to say that Halloween has a particular aura of magic around it and we LOVE magic.

Halloween parties are a must for many – how else can you see everyones freakish getup? I, for one, have always been the type to prefer Halloween over any other holiday. There is just something about the creative freedom that lands upon the minds of us Movie Watchers, Music Listeners and Book Readers as we are offered a day to be whoever or whatever we want to be. It is nothing short of spectacular. Given the abundant swirl of magic that circles around this holiday, there is a way to offer this Halloween eve’ the mystical energy it yearns for in the only way we know how. Did someone say “Trip or treat?”

On an evening that is laced with transformation, something about a psychedelic Halloween seems to go together like peanut butter and chocolate. I easily recall from many years of Halloween that it has always felt like the time of year that connects us closest with the dusk of night. The daylight falling into dark and the beginning of autumn at our feet symbolizing change, both only furthering our initial prospect for this year’s Halloween festivus: 

Halloween is the night of transformation,

Halloween is the night of change.

There has never been a better reason to switch up our celebration antics than this upcoming Halloween. ‘Why’ you ask?  Well, as more people continue to make the switch from alcohol to microdosing for  many occasions, an evening of witches, ghosts, vibrant moons and rituals has us wondering just how magical we can really get. To make this ghoulish holiday one to remember for all who wish to celebrate, we’ve compiled a treatful list to assist the grand whimsical ‘hoorah!’ of your evening… Simply choose your vibe!

  1. The Witch

Aura: Deep Purple, Trait: Powerful, Candy: Licorice, Animal: Cat, Product: Wavy Capsules

  • If you’ve chosen the Witch, may your evening be an occultish journey of connection, otherworldly sensation and intentional magic. On this special night, the Witches will find themselves in tune with the dark that sparks their curiosity. They will also seek to deepen their connections with friends and family, as these relationships enhance the dazzling spirit of their special kind. The Witch will find reason for magic in every setting. They will offer their natural powers to all who crave it, joining hands in a nighttime promenade where they can scour the night for all the spell-bound divinities it has to offer. May the moon gleam extra bright with the help of Wavy Capsules. Happy frolicking!

               Activity: Group Night Walk

  1. The Clown

Aura: Yellow, Trait: Amusing, Candy: Taffy, Animal: Parrot, Product: Macro Capsules

  • If you’ve chosen the Clown, the crowd who joins you for this excitable evening may consider themselves lucky, for an evening with the Clown will be nothing short of pure amusement. On this evening the Clowns will ignite a dance party wherever they go. The Clown relishes in the pure euphoric energy of Macro Capsules, which happen to make them even more comical and sociable than they already are. The Clown will find joy in every activity and in the people who choose to surround them. Their night is a success as long as it consists of gut wrenching laughter, untamable dance moves, and happiness. 

           Activity: Dance Party

  1. The Fairy

Aura: Green, Trait: Insightful, Candy: Jujubes, Animal: Rabbit, Product: Sour Gummies

  • If you’ve chosen the Fairy, may the night be open to a world of whimsical possibilities. Perhaps you will ditch the Halloween songs for Indie tunes as you set up your surroundings to emulate the warmth of the most enchanting wood cottage. You and your fellow Fairy friends will sit near the fire as you share your manifestations for the upcoming winter season. Enjoying magical Sour Gummies as a way to further the deep-rooted connection you continue to grow between yourself and the earth, as you love each and every element mother earth tends to offer you, and can view it as a gift of intention, and introspective change. 

          Activity: Manifestation

  1. The Princess

Aura: Lavender, Trait: Grateful, Candy: Marshmallow, Animal: Horse, Product: Restore Capsules

  • If you’ve chosen the Princess, we wish you a night as graceful as your natural charm. May your evening be spent twirling in your tulle skirt as you thank your detailed surroundings for every piece of life it has offered you along the way. You and your friends will gush over how beautiful your costumes have turned out and you will spend the evening taking pictures to remember forever. As you start to question how every single photo has turned out as perfect as the dresses, you will remember that you have taken a Restore capsule and will thank the gracious world for that as well. When you have finished filling every camera with irreplaceable memories, you may find enjoyment in having a dessert riddled Spa Night, as a less than spooky film plays in the background… May your outpour of love and empathy always shout louder than the film itself. 

          Activity: Photoshoot

  1. The Vampire

Aura: Red, Trait: Clever, Candy: Chocolate, Animal: Bat, Product: Indulge

  • If you’ve chosen the Vampire, only the most die hard Halloween fans will be able to keep up with your night of spooks and incredibly clever story-telling. Candles will be spread on every window sill as you prepare your comrades for an evening of wholesome terror. Although you love to spark a dose of fear in your loved ones, what you care about the most is making sure that everyone attending your haunted abode can enjoy the most authentic Halloween experience possible. For that reason, you offer each person a square of Indulge chocolate, because everyone deserves a night to remember. Long live the spooks!

          Activity: Horror Films

Now perhaps you prefer to be a Zombie, a Pumpkin or a Hotdog. Whatever it is you wish to be, we wish you nothing but the most mystical evening of spook, love, and magic. May your final evenings before the season’s end resemble any and all forms of transformation, as we enter a new stage of true reflection. So, what do you say…? Trip or treat?

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