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Moms Who Microdose

Grocery lists elongate, toe-sized lego pieces lay scattered throughout the carpet, and the stress of it all emulates the vicious ding of a laundry machine begging to be emptied. Even on the hardest of days, the versatile resilience of a full-time mother is a skill unmatched. Dedicating each waking minute to being a model parent is surely a rewarding role to fill, but an exhausting one at that when it comes to the endless task pile of bustling parenthood.

Finding ways to cut the daytime stress and wind down when alone time is afforded, can look like many things. A yoga class, a glass of wine… A bottle of wine? We don’t judge… Essentially, whatever it takes to settle the high strung efforts of a selfless mind. So, what about psychedelics?

“In a proper setting, plant medicine means self care for me.”  – Alisa

Alisa is one of the many hard-working mothers who understands the importance of alternative medicine as means of self care, and the many benefits microdosing can bring to the table in terms of quality time at home. As more mothers begin to speak out we are given a glimpse into just how staggering the benefits of psilocybin can truly be, as well as the positive ripple effect it can have on those around them. 

“It has created positive change in my life that has rippled out to benefit my family. In conjunction with other self care practices, plant medicine has brought a sense of peace into my life that had been forgotten for a long time.”

The combination of psychedelics and parenthood is certainly a topic of some controversy, but nonetheless one that is taking over mainstream news with an optimistic brow. There are massive online forums and motherhood groups dedicated to this conversation, as a brave result of how new mothers swear by the success of microdosing when it comes to the enhanced quality of life in and out of parenthood. Self-discovery in parenthood for many can be a foreign prospect, unfit for such minimal time. In this, a quick fix such as alcohol is often used as a way to escape the stress of reality after a long day. 

As time progresses and more taboo subjects peak up from the deep end, new regimens are being embraced at last. Microdosing is ultimately finding its praise for not only combatting onset stress like a drink does, but creating positive changes internally and externally that can benefit users long-term. 

“For many parents, the reach has been to alcohol to ‘relax and unwind’. Microdosing in low amounts allows a person to still be very present with the people around them, while enhancing their focus, overall mood and creativity, without the drawback of a hangover.”

Microdosing overtime has created a steady surge in positive mental health changes, which is why the conversations on depression and anxiety have become so prominent in the microdosing community. With that said, mothers are beginning to shed light on their own experiences, allowing us a new understanding on how common mental ailments can be in many different walks of motherhood.  The high demands of parenthood in general can cause many to fall into pits of stress induced dissociation, leaving many searching for ways to re-enter life again with an uplifted, connective outlook.

“It is a fantastic alternative to using antidepressants or other pharma meds, to regulate mood. More and more research shows how beneficial the use of psychedelics, in particular microdosing, can be for mental health, trauma, addiction and more, and in particular, with psilocybin, there is no risk of addiction like there can be to the pharma meds.”

There has never been a better time to approach the unconventional with an open mind. Decreased stress, heightened empathy, patience, and openness– microdosing is an all natural path towards inner peace.

The more time I spent submerging myself in this topic and speaking to different parents, I uncovered an array of different takeaways. Rekindling the lost bond with your inner-child and navigating the blissful aspects within, that can stimulate a world of color – colors we subconsciously neglect as we become fixated on the stress of things out of our control. There are fewer things more beautiful in life than family, which is why every mother deserves to experience it in the most joyful way possible. Beginning with self-love.

Reaching heightened levels of presence and patience at home is just another bright discovery found within the world of microdosing, adding to a long list of benefits this nature bound gift has to offer. Reasons as important as this is why we will continue to speak out, allowing the many successful experiences of others to inspire the next. Creating a ripple of life-changing magic, one truth at a time.

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