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Mushrooms: The Safest Substance You Can Take

Mushrooms: the nature-bound fungus chalk full of health benefits and medicinal powers, still under the lamp of observation for being an all-natural substitute for the treatment of some of the world’s most leading debilitating mental disorders. According to the annual Global Drug Survey, they have been deemed as the safest substance.


In this survey, it was found that only 0.2% of the 12,000 participants who did mushrooms in 2016 required emergency medical attention. For further reference, that percentage rate was found to be 6 times lower than alcohol, and even 3 times lower than marijuana. 


Now, demonizing substances such as alcohol and marijuana should not be the motivator, but a result worth analyzing when it comes to the still-prevalent stigma on shrooms. When we look at the safety aspects of a substance like alcohol, it’s fascinating how much we have grown to normalize its common-use when we factor in the potential dangerous elements it may carry. Not to say alcohol is undeserving of its appreciative gaze (we all love champagne on New Years), though more so we are hosting these conversations in order to uplift the particular stigma on medicinal mushrooms that still raises pessimistic questioning to this day. 


Another well-factored trait relevant to shroom’s negative stigma is the infamous “Bad trip” experience, with many stating that an unhinged hallucinatory experience can lead to dangers of its own such as prolonged dissociation and heightened anxiety. Although we cannot combat the truth in these statements, we do know that many psychedelic professionals have addressed these intense experiences as being potentially therapeutic in their own right. Beginning slowly and intentionally with quality-sourced mushrooms is an ideal way to avoid unwanted experiences, and to properly assess your body’s natural relationship with mushrooms before diving in the deep end.


Understanding that mushrooms are a natural, safe substance used for a variety of different purposes is how we step away from the negative stigma they are associated with. Doing the research and having conversations with those who have firsthand experience with mushrooms is another great way to gain clarity on this special fungus that our eyes are further opened to everyday. We can only be left inspired by yet another research outcome verifying the safety, promise, and abilities of medicinal mushrooms in modern times, propelling us forward as a result. 

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